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financial planning

In association with Rene Coorey, we are able to advise on financial matters relating to Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Managed Funds (through unit trusts, superannuation, pensions, rollover funds, annuities or insurance investment products). Rene is also able to offer advice on direct shares.

In addition to the above, Rene gives advice on maximising social security benefits, investment risk management, negative gearing and wealth creation strategies.

Under ISC guidelines Rene is able to offer advice on life insurance program incorporating term or permanent life cover, critical illness and permanent and total disablement insurance, income protection insurance and life overhead insurance.

Rene is a Life Insurance Broker. This allows him to advise you regarding Term Recovery and Disability and Business Expenses Insurance with all insurance companies.

All the recommendations Rene makes will be confirmed in writing. Any instruction you issue to Rene must be confirmed or evidenced in writing.

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